Cruising Outpost Official Launch Party


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As some of you may know, the new Cruising Outpost is a virtual office. Our editor lives on her Cheoy Lee in Redondo Beach, our Webmaster lives on his boat in Florida, our Tech editor lives on her boat in Newport, well, you get the picture. No “World Wide Conglomerate Offices.” So where to have our launch party was a bit of a problem. And then our Head Wench figured it out. In Alameda, ’cause she lives there. Duh!

Okay, so she contacted the Island Yacht Club, which was a perfect location, and then we gathered a few sponsors to help us launch. So with a little help from our friends like Harken, West Marine, Bio-Solv, Forespar and, of course, the Island Yacht Club, we launched!

We brought in Eric Stone and his drummer Gary Haas, and soon the place was jumping. Folks showed up from all over to support our launch, and we had a drawing at the end of the evening, with the proceeds going to The Call of The Sea. It is run by the man who taught me how to sail, Alan Olson. The first prize was donated by Captain Black Bra, better known as Lisa Chapin who runs Sailtime San Francisco, and it was a full day out sailing on one of her Sailtime yachts!

But it wasn’t the prizes folks came for. It was to launch the newest sailing mag out there, Cruising Outpost.

We are now up and running… fast!