Marion-Bermuda Race Dates Announced



Now is the time to think about how, next summer, you might expand your sailing CV and experiences, enhance your skills and buiild your sailing network. We hope you’ll put the Marion Bermuda Race on your 2013 list of new adventures.

Racing 645 miles to Bermuda is a big deal. The Gulf Stream and all of its nuances, the approach to Bermuda and even the finish line, are challenging in new ways, and will bring your sailing acumen to new heights. Unlike other races that can be over the top competitive, Marion Bermuda has always focused on Family, Friends and Fun.

Marion Bermuda has a “familial” feel to the race. As such, it’s appropriate that the 2013 race starts on Father’s Day, June 14th. Many families participate and introduce their teenagers to the thrills of ocean racing and passagemaking. The bonds that are forged through this shared experience result in lasting memories.

Ocean racing newcomers are invited as well as seasoned racing veterans to bring your friends and family, and enter Marion Bermuda 2013. See you on the starting line – June 14, 2013!


  1. This race is meant to be only for the adventurous people that are out there to have some fun. It has been a while that I have been to the beach to see this race in a while.

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