Crash Test Boat Put Out of Misery



So some folks in the U.K. decided it would be a fun experiment to sink, dismast and blowup a boat to see what would happen.

A 12 meter yacht bobbing off the coast of England is about to be blown to smithereens. Or at least, that’s the plan.

In a scene reminiscent of a James Bond film, the boat is slowly filled with gas while a sailor in a nearby vessel holds his finger over the detonator, ready to blow the floating target sky high.

These aren’t undercover spies, but sailing experts undertaking a controlled explosion as part of a series of ground-breaking experiments into nautical safety.

Over eight months, the team from British magazine Yachting Monthly, took one boat and sank it, capsized it, ran it aground, set it on fire, and finally blew it up — all in the name of safety.

Their “Crash Test Boat” series recreated eight nautical disasters — ranging from a leaking hull to a dismasted sailboat — to find the best methods for preventing and dealing with them.

From January 2013 the incidents will be documented together for the first time in a new book titled, aptly enough, “The Crash Test Boat.”