New 9.9 HP Propane Powered Outboard Boat Engine


DSC_1100Los Angeles, CA- Oct. 25, 2012 – The groundbreaking leader in research and development for environmentally friendly technology, LEHR Inc., is introducing the next generation in green innovation with the new 9.9 horsepower propane powered outboard boat engines.

Lehr’s compelling new Eco-friendly engines have garnered massive attention, recently awarded the POPULAR MECHANICS Breakthrough Award for 2012 and named a 2012 TECH AWARDS LAUREATE by the TechMuseum.  LEHR was selected from among hundreds of nominations worldwide and was recognized for its innovation to benefit humanity and spark global change.

The LEHR 2.5 and 5.0 HP propane boat engines were the world’s first OEM products and due to popular demand, Lehr has now introduced the new 9.9 HP propane boat engine.  Once LEHR’s CEO, Captain Bernardo Herzer, saw the positive impact his first propane-powered products had on the environment, he was inspired to continue to use his technology to create products with both high power and cleaner emissions.

The benefits of propane over gasoline include 50% lower fuel cost, no gasoline polluting the water, no ethanol or fuel-related issues, zero evaporative emissions, easy starts (no choke), no priming, no carburetor gum-up, and no winterizing.  “Gasoline is dangerous to use, difficult to store and the carbon monoxide fumes it produces can have a devastating effect on the well being of the ship’s crew,” says Herzer, who found a way to make small, commercial engines run cleaner and more efficiently on propane.

LEHR continues to create the greenest and most reliable products on the market today and it is Herzer’s mission to create a cleaner planet for his kids through environmentally friendly technology.


  1. Agree with your point that "The benefits of propane over gasoline include 50% lower fuel cost and yes no pollution.
    These new 9.9 horsepower propane powered outboard boat engines would bring more speed. Good review on LEHR.

  2. Good move LEHR. keep moving forward.
    I grew up around boats and even owned one back in my AOL hay-day (it’s name, appropriately, was “Options” – when the stock plummeted, Options was sold). My entire pre-adult life was either spent on or hearing about boats, driving around Maine looking at boats and talking with boat-builders. I heard all the arguments for diesel vs gas engines, learned about the craftsmanship of a perfectly designed hull, the merits of fiberglass, the beauty of a maintained wooden boat, etc. But not much on innovation.

  3. i own a 5 horse model of the prpane Lehr. The biggest waist of money i have ever made. It's broken down 3 times with less than 10 hours on it. The dealership warrenty was wothless unlesss i brought it back to the store, not easy to do when i took it to Mexico as my Main dingy motor. Now it sits in the back of my truck. I haven't found anyone I dislike enough to give it to. It's been replaced with a Yamaha…..SWEET! The few hours it did run it was loud, and seemed under powered. I wasn't impressed even before the break downs. Very poorly engineered and cheaply made, JUNK!

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