Freom Examiner.com, Sept. 7, 2012.

There are many sailing magazines on the newsstands featuring the latest gear, the newest vessels and occasionally a first hand account from a sailor actually out on the seas, well sailing. Then there was Latitudes and Attitudes. Sure the magazine had gear and vessel reviews but the majority of the stories were “for the sailors, by the sailors.” In June 2012, the publishing company who purchased Lats and Atts closed its doors leaving thousands of subscribers without a magazine that spoke to them. Rising from the ashes this weekend is Cruising Outpost, a new magazine endeavor by our

Bob (real name Robert Lipkin) and his wife Jody began Latitude and Attitudes magazine in 1996. The cover always had a beautiful young lady on the bow of a sailboat in some exotic location. Inside were stories from Captain Woody who delivers boats throughout the world and Tania Aebi the youngest woman to circumnavigate singlehandedly. The rest of the magazine was written by people who were actually doing what Bob always says, “Don’t just dream your life, live your dreams.”

Not only was there a magazine to publish each month, eventually Bob produced weekly podcasts and in 2003 produced Latitudes and Attitudes TV. Then throw in several huge parties a year at select boat shows across the country and at least one Share the Sail experience a year, and you had one very busy person.

In January 2012, Bob sold the magazine to Sextant Publishing and became a full time consultant. He and Jody took off sailing again on Lost Soul, his beloved boat that he recently bought back after several years apart. Sextant Publishing closed its doors in June 2012 without any explanation. When news reached Bob and Jody they were devastated but vowed to rise again.

In July 2012 they created Cruising Outpost and immediately asked their followers to join a “Founders Circle” to help launch the new endeavor. Well help they did. Not only did individuals show their support but corporations such as West Marine, Harken and Forespar just to name a few. The debut of the new magazine is set for December 2012 but between now and then there will be parties to help support and celebrate this new endeavor.

If you are in the Alameda, CA area tonight head to The Island Yacht Club for a Launch Party to remember. Then wave to Bob and Jody as they drive across country to be at the Newport Interational Boat Show next weekend. Saturday, September 15th will be the infamous Cruisers party beginning at 6 p.m. In October they will head to the Annapolis Boat Show where they will be in a new location and featuring their new logo shirts and hats.