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Cruising Outpost wants to be able to connect with you throughout your day no matter where in the world you may be. Using the services offered at will help us keep you in the loop across a number of different platforms. So we have a few different social media accounts we have set up to stay connected any way you want! No matter what social media avenue you want to take, we will be around the corner for you. All of these social media platforms have allowed us to do things such as explore the possibility of getting free instagram followers via socialfollow, as well as many other thrilling things. Take a look at the exciting things that are happening at these internet outposts.

Cruising Outpost on Facebook


With Facebook, We keep in contant contact with readers by posting fun stories and pictures from Cruising Outpost, as well as interacting one on one! Stop by the page and post pictures of yourself cruising or exploring the land! Show us your new boat or cool new gadget!- We want to see it all. We love to hear your stories and if you have a good story idea, or pictures for us, post it on our page.


Cruising Outpost on Twitter


Twitter is a place where we follow all of the latest in cruising, boating, and sailing news – We post and retweet constantly to keep you in the loop with the best stuff from the industry. You can always tweet to us with news or share stories. If you Tweet – follow us today!


Cruising Outpost on YouTube


We are going to be rolling out weekly videos for commonly asked questions and fun videos of adventures at sea on Youtube. Subscribe now to be the first to see our latest videos! We love to see your videos too and we love to feature cool content from wherever you may be in the world.


Cruising Outpost on LinkedIn


We will use linkedin as a way of communicating with boating and industry professionals from around the world with tips, advice, and of course- articles!


The Cruising Outpost Forum


Our Forum! You can check out the Cruising Outpost forum and take part in discussions on almost any topic in the boating world. Looking for Crew? Selling your boat? Buying a boat? Looking for a recipe? Seriously, we have forums topics that cover everything. Our forum is a great resource for cruisers – its easy to signup and start interacting with cruisers from around the world. Take a look at some of the current topics.


Cruising Outpost on Google +


Google + is fairly new to social media scene and popular among google users! Do you Google+? If so, you can check out CO updates as well as content. We will also be posting in forms and groups.


Cruising Outpost on Pinterest

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 10.49.01 AM

Pinterest is a new a fun way for Cruising Outpost to upload pictures, link products, and find other amazing images on the internet- and share them with you! Be our friend! -And don’t forget “pin” our pictures and products!

Also, There’s an App for that!

Download Pinterest Here for Andriod Tablets and Phones

Download Pinterest Here for Apple iPads and iPhones


Now for all of you app savvy cruisers…

Cruising Outpost on Instagram

Screenshot_2013-06-25-23-39-37We use the instagram app to upload a stream of beautiful pictures from around the world. The Instagram app also allow for quick video uploads that we will use while traveling about! Follow us! @CruisingOutpost [clearboth]

Download Instagram Here for Andriod Tablets and Phones

Download Instagram Here for Apple iPads and iPhones You can download the app, build an account, and get stuck in… get posting your photos and build up an amazing platform for either personal use or business purposes. Perhaps you would then like to get instagram followers by hiring social media experts to help you build the best possible Instagram profile possible!


Cruising Outpost on Vine

Screenshot_2013-06-25-23-38-54Vine is a new application that allows us to upload quick 15 second videos of stuff from wherever we are. Follow @CruisingOutpost for quick 15 second clips. [clearboth]

Download Vine Here for Andriod Tablets and Phones

Download Vine Here for Apple iPads and iPhones


If you’re not app savvy, don’t worry- We’ve connected it all to Twitter- You an see Instagram pictures and Vine videos there!

Questions, comments, concerns?- Email me at or comment below.



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