Destination: Zihuatanejo, Mexico (12 Pictures)


With a name that might be intimidating to pronounce right off the bat, Zihuatanejo (zee-what-a-nay-who) Mexico is a cruisers harbor through and through. Many cruisers keep their boats there during the winter since it is consider a relatively safe and beautiful bay. The bay has five beaches including: Playa del Puerto aka La Playa Principal (located in front of the town itself), Playa La Madera (a 5 minute walk from town), Playa La Ropa (5 minutes from town by car or about a 25 minute walk), Playa Las Gatas (at the extreme southern end of the bay; accessible by water taxi from the pier or a footpath along the rocky coast from La Ropa, there is no road), and Playa Contramar (at the northwestern end of the bay: accessible by boat or footpath). Next time you are in the Pacific sailing south down towards South America stop in Zihuatanejo and gaze upon the breathtaking mountains, deep blue waters, beautiful people, and variety of sailing vessels.






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  1. Bob, Now very dangerous for Americans and not a good place anymore as the drug cartels fucked it all up

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  2. None of the cruisers I have talked to have reported any problems this season. All say it is a great stopping point on your way north or south. We plan on stopping there on our way south to Panama this winter.

    • My take, most of the 'Local Pats' don't want anymore, or encourage, more Americanos to crowd the 'pura vida' in this quaint fishing village (of days gone by)… Getting Kidnapped for ransom scares the hell out of me!

      It's getting so bad in the states, I've been seeking a heaven away from home… My wife and I need a very good location, close to the beach AND close to a Cardiac Care Hospital… so far, I haven't found that match… I almost bought a place in Parrita, Costa Rica, but the road to the San Jose hospital was about 95 miles away, and the 'short-cut' over the treacherous mountain road (one lane in spots) and a 300' drop straight down was a game plan killer… no pun intended!

  3. Don't miss Z-Town… We sailed in there twice in 2011 and 2012 and loved it.

    Go during Z-Fest (Sail fest) in the month of January… Lots of stuff going on.

    The lagoon is full of crocodiles and worth a Dinghy Safari.

    Playa Las Gatas can only be reached by Water taxi or dinghy and is a nice play to hang out and be pampered by the Cabana Boys.

    Also the town has some wonderful restaurants and shopping areas.

  4. What a sewer, its so filthy cant go swimming. 20 years ago it was a beautiful place and if you go south or even north there are some pristine bays but z-town is a sewer.

  5. Just visited this last January/February. Best place we visited on the mainland of Mexico. Taxis are cheap, no crime that we could find. Beto's Mexcalli Surf School is the best…!! We missed Z-fest but made Guitar Fest which was fun. $1 beer is the norm down here, go north and you will pay upwards of $3 per beer. That in itself is worth any risk of typhoid you might get from the water. Seriously, the water was clean, especially in Las Gatos. Worth the 500 mile trip from Mazatlan to get there.

  6. As we can see in picture there is lots of water as said that more then 70% area of this earth covered with water amazing ! the creator of this universe have big power in every part of creation of this universe describing the power of creator.

  7. We spent the 2015-2106 season north in La Cruz in Bahia Banderas, talked to MANY cruisers through here who went to to Zihuantanejo. NO problems reported and they all loved it.

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