Tabitha’s Favorite Cruising Pictures (46 Pictures)


I have been fortunate to have had the opportunities to travel around the world to some of the most beautiful islands imaginable. So here is a collection of picture that I consider some of the best from my travels sailing around with Grandpa, AKA Bob Bitchin’, and Jody!

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  1. Nice pictures, the south pacific is one of my destinations for this season, wish I had someone with some history there to go with me. Love the art work on the women "bitchen"

  2. I read bobs mags for 5 years in fed prison and now no latts and atts…… this sucks !!! I now manage a trucking co. in south texas. I have dreamed of sailing away to the places that I saw in the pics and it kept me going even when times were tough inside … thanks for showing me that dream.I am currently looking at a deep draft 44 CSY which is my dream boat …lol also my fiancé is excited about sailing away… what great luck .. great job great woman and looking to buy a great boat … Thanks For The Dreams…..

  3. Those of us who are veteran readers of the Sunday comics have a question regarding the 22nd photo … how was Skull Island and did you get to meet The Phantom?

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