Cruising vs Cruising


“Cruising” is a homonym, AKA a word with two meanings. So in order to help those of you who may not know the difference between Cruising and cruising- we have laid it all out there for you. cruising is commonly associated with jumping aboard a cruise ship. While the Cruising (with a capital C) that we talk about here at Cruising Outpost is defined not by the size of the vessel- but more by where the wind blows.

When you are “cruising”, most things are done for you. Your bed is laid out every night, there is an endless buffet of food, drinks cost an arm and a leg (but hey they always come with a smile!) and you don’t even have to worry about getting to your destination. Most folks usually go cruising because of the resort-like accommodations.

On the other hand…

Cruising is not like being at a resort where everything is laid out for you. Cruising is about being a part of nature. Cruising it is more about the adventure and the people you meet along the way than the accommodations that you may have. Many cruisers are on their own boats sailboats or sharing with fellow cruisers. You do typically have to make up your own bed and do your own dishes. When cruising you can catch what you eat or pick something up at the next port. You can drink every drop of rum that you brought with you & using some sort of navigation is key when getting to your next destination. Cruising is about having some control of your adventure. You can make your own decisions and you have the freedom to do so.

If it still isn’t clear we have put together some pictures to use as a comparison below

1.) When ordering a drink.


cocktails on cruise



2.) Dinner?


cruise dinner


Cook Island feast 2

3.) Going for a dip.





4.) Accommodations





5.) Travel





When it is all out there I think it is easy to see why we like Cruising better than cruising.


  1. Kelly was wearing her Cruising Outpost hat and had someone comment on just how much they enjoy cruise ships as well. You should have seen their faces when she told them about the type of Cruising we enjoy.

  2. The main thing I hate about cruising is what happens when you tell them you want to head over to the island on the left there.

  3. Cruise vacations are my favorite to go on and I highly recommend you try it! I went on a Celebrity Cruise and the service was phenomenal. I went with family and friends as a group and we all had a blast.

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  5. Soooo cool! I woke up and later in the day I started thinking about this stuff. I found your site on Google and it totally answered my questions. Thanks mucho much

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