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It’s the holiday season and if you’re looking for something fun for a loved one (or even for yourself) we have got some gadgets for you. We know it can be overwhelming to shop and shop…. and shop, but look no further. If nothing else hopefully these gift ideas give you some inspiration this holiday season.



I think this gadget goes without question on the top of any adventurer’s Christmas wishlist, in my opinion, it’s one of the Coolest Gadgets out there. This is the camera that revolutionized the way we record and share videos with each other. The GoPro comes with many attachments so you can basically stick it anywhere (boat, kayak, bike, snowboard, etc..) Plus it’s waterproof. Did I mention that it shoots in HD and can easily be uploaded online? Buy one HERE

Motion Sick Glasses:


Motion sickness is common on boats and occurs when the inner ear, the eyes, and other areas of the body that detect motion, send unexpected or conflicting messages to the brain. One part of your balance-sensing system (your inner ear, vision, and sensory nerves that help you keep your balance) may sense that your body is moving, while the other parts do not sense motion. For example, if you are in the cabin of a moving ship, your inner ear may sense the motion of big waves, but your eyes don’t see any movement. This leads to a conflict between the senses and results in motion sickness. so these glasses help enable your eye to receive this missing ‘movement’ information. The blue liquid inside the ringed frame follows the movement of your body. The brain received the information it needs and the sickness is avoided. Buy one HERE

Folding Kayak:


If you don’t have a lot of space, but want a way to get out and enjoy the big blue- the Citibot folding kayak is perfect. You could even get a kayak storage rack to store it if you’re tight on space! Lightweight and convenient, it folds to a large but portable backpack that weighs a mere 24 lbs. In fact, it’s small enough to check on an airplane. When let loose, it assembles into a fully-functional boat that can carry a single person up to 210 lbs. Buy one HERE



Back in the day before clocks, cell phones, google maps, and well- basic maps for that matter, there were sundials. Yes, sundials. The position of the sun let people know what time of day it was (and still does). The Armillary Explorer Sundial Necklace may look like a fanciful pendant, but it will tell you the time if you know how to read it. Made of sterling silver and brass with a satin cord, this can be appreciated by those who love history, astronomy, or sailing. Buy one HERE


AquaFlyer 2a aquaboard1

While the Jetpack used to cost a pretty penny (try $100,000)… It has now come down to under $10,000 for personal use. The new AquaFlyer jetpack system by Jetlev is the next generation of the ground-breaking jetpack systems that fits on your back and attaches directly to an existing jet ski. This same system is also being introduced as an Aquaboard. Whether you’re flying with a jetpack on your back or a board at your feet. You will certainly turn some heads. Buy one HERE



Every boat needs some finders, so why not have some custom finders made to go along with the decor of your whip. Taylor Made Products has several mermaid fenders left in stock to perk up any boat. Buy them HERE



This should go without saying. It is hard to beat giving or receiving a good ole’ bottle of Rum for the holidays. Now before I go spouting off different brands of delicious rum that you could gift your loved one- remember that everyone has different tastes. May I suggest Pussers Rum or Capt. Morgan Reserve? Why? Well, these tend to be relatively inexpensive but get the job done. If you want to go out on a limb and try something new. I recently enjoyed Matusalem Grand Reserve for the first time and was quite impressed.

Boat Brewing Kit:


Why keep making beer runs when you make your own with a brewing kit?! The type of kit you get depends on the space you have on your boat. These starter kits can easily be found on or by doing a simple search. Here is also an article for the beer lover in your life that wants to brew 24/7 on your boat. I found This Website to be very helpful since brewing on a boat and brewing on land have their differences. Buy one HERE

Other Classic Ideas:

We have only scratched the surface with amazing gift giving ideas for the holiday season, so to fill in any gaps please check out our Boat Show Products and Cruising Outpost Store.

Cruising Outpost Subscription:


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  1. Very cool product round up! As someone who worked on private luxury yachts for 10 years, the sea sick goggle intrigued me but I wonder if they actually work.

    Another item to look into is the inflatable kayak. Great for storage space, which is always a premium on a boat. If the folding kayak seems too difficult, an inflatable one might be better.

  2. I get very severe motion sickness unless I am the driver of a car. I also get it on boats, swings, and watching movies recorded with a shaky camera. I have found a simple technique that works extremely well for me. I just close or cover one eye! That’s it. Works very well, every time. Hope it helps someone else! Please pass it along to anyone else you know who has motion sickness.

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