82 Year Old To Sail Solo Around Cape Horn in Southern Winter

Capt Ray pictured here with Ranger & Roxie
Capt Ray pictured here with Ranger & Roxie

82 YEAR OLD MAN EXPECTS TO SAIL SOLO FROM Atlantic Ocean, under CAPE HORN to Pacific Ocean in the Southern Winter AND, RETURN to the ATLANTIC WITHOUT STOPPING.

He says, if he is successful, he will then continue Eastward in the Southern Ocean and pass under the CAPE of  GOOD HOPE from Atlantic to Indian Ocean and Again RETURN  to the ATLANTIC WITHOUT STOPPING !

Capt. Ray Bishop says he’s just another “regular guy” with a much too-long delayed Personal Goal.   He does plan to take his Family with him, two small Certified Service Dogs Ranger & Roxie that he saved from terrible ends in Honduras, and who have returned the favor by saving him twice in 2012!

Capt. Ray has submitted applications to the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS and is awaiting conclusion of their preliminary study.   If he manages to satisfy his Personal Goal, he will be the oldest solo sailor to pass Cape Horn in the Southern Winter….and the only solo sailor to retrace that path in an unbroken voyage, AND he will be the only solo sailor to continue in the Southern Ocean to a bi-directional passage of the Cape of Good Hope in an unbroken single voyage.

Ray’s vessel, to be re-christened EUESSAY, is the object of a search now for corporate sponsorship or a gift/loan from a vicarious benefactor, having lost his 30 ft. intended “ride” in late-2011 on a Mexican reef.

His new vessel will likely be a 32 to 36 foot modified to certain of his professional standards.

He is open to a somewhat larger vessel but the basic design should be a heavy displacement, full keel hull with wide side decks. A ketch is preferred, but many sloops would also work.   Bristol Channel Pilot Boats might be examples. Depending on other factors a Pilot House design with two helms might be a large advantage; Double-Enders not because of modifications intended for the aft end. He would hope to have the Dutchman System for sail-dousing, and a club-footed jib.

Euessay’s skipper is a somewhat quiet, self-effacing guy who still resents that someone put his name on Facebook years ago, and although he’s never used it himself, he says he’s getting a lot of push from Friends to face the world from that perch. Meanwhile, or until then, he can be reached at ray.on.euessay@gmail.com

Or by Mail at Raymond Bishop, 710 Barcelona Road, Key Largo, FL 33037.



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