Boats Seized in Mexico for Not Having Import Permits Being Released


Most boats already released in Mexico! Yesterday all boats from marina Acapulco and Opequimar Vallarya were released.  News is next week they will release the rest .

Many boats have not been “importing” their boats into Mexico and paying the $70 fee.  So tax agents entered several marinas catering to foreign boats recently and slapped seizure orders on more than 300, The Associated Press reported.

The reason? The boats’ owners, mostly American and Canadian retirees who cruise the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, not having a US$70 permit to tie up in Mexico.

U.S. officials are in contact with their Mexican counterparts to discuss the issue, AP said, adding that Canadian Foreign Affairs officials know of three Canadian boats that were seized in the November raids.

The operation is part of the Mexican government’s new effort to improve the country’s abysmal tax-collection rate, one of the worst among the world’s large economies, AP said.

All boaters should have what’s called a Temporary Import Permit.The document, which can be obtained online, proves the boats are owned by the permit-holder and affirms the owners will not leave or sell them in Mexico.

Officials inspected more than 1,600 boats at eight marinas and issued seizure orders against 338 that supposedly lacked the permit.

Reports from Mexican authorities have contacted us and told us many boats have already been released, and the rest should be released on Monday.


  1. That is so wrong. Most of the boats had valid permits and all paperwork in order. "Violations" were usually minor and little technicalities like hull numbers transposed (often the fault of the Mexican agency recording the info) or not visible on inspection (located in a different position on the boat… Find out how much in unpaid fees was collected! I know of several boats that were imported and all had current import permits. If they want to raise some money, make the TIP an annual fee, instead of ten years! PS.. They tried to pull the same thing for US aircraft in Mexico… They were looking for 10 year import permits but aircraft have to get them for each calendar year! They didn't know that! No excuses for this group and their actions. It was total incompetence!

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