Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat



  1. WOW! This video says everything I feel everyday as I trudge off to work at my insurance agency. May he continue to have Fair Winds & Following Seas. Good on ya Mate!

  2. Several years ago while on business I was in Suisun CA and admiring the different SV's in the marina. As I sat wanting to jump on one and take off, I saw a man motor in on a 28 foot day sailer with his lab. As they pulled up to the dock he threw a toy into the water and the lab who had been sedately lounging, sprang into life and into the water to retrieve. I was able to visit with the young man for a few envious moments and I started questioning my goals of a 50 footer with all the conveniences. There is something basic, raw and elemental in just enjoying existence and experiencing all of life without the store bought distractions. On the other hand, cold beer and AC are really nice too.

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