Update: Vanuatu Disaster Relief


Vanuatu Cyclone Pam March 2015Volunteers are setting up distro centers for boats in NZ (info@transmarinepro.co.nz) and Fiji. In Fiji and nearby, Sea Mercy will be leaving Fiji with several vessels as requested by the Vanuatu government. In AU I know of at least one flotila leaving from AU and going from south to north islands of Vanuatu-

From the south and going north. What we need more than anything is cash to purchase much needed items to help rebuild. We have set up an account in Australia bsb 484799 and account no is 602205653. If anyone is interested please let them have the details. Thanking you. Blessings, Alan and Debra.

Sailors are the same world wide..pulling together for disasters. While I am in USA, the SSCA network of hosts..they are a great contact point to find out what is happening(am not advertising SSCA..the hosts are the ones that are important..the network of contacts). We, personnally, are donating, have posted on SSCA website all your information, posted to Puddle Jumpers Yahoo, and trying to assist. Thank you for being there for all cruisers and the islands we all love.

Joan and Greg Conover, SV Growltiger