Planking On The Matthew Turner Has Begun


mturner-deckIf you’ve been to a Cruising Outpost Cruisers’ Party and bought a raffle ticket, this is where the proceeds go. The tall ship Matthew Turner is a project that’s close to our founder, Bob Bitchin. This is the latest report from Alan Olson, Executive Director of Educational Tall Ship.

It’s amazing to experience the energy building as we take on new stages of construction. Hull planking has begun with a new learning curve to master and our crew is stepping up to find ways to steam bend the 230 three inch thick planks into their proper position. Decking is well on its way with three layers out of four glued and secured in place, creating a very solid feel when walking the deck. The mind boggles to consider the number of steps Matthew Turner‘s deck will feel and the wonders seen from them.

Interior work has begun with the installation of the cabin soles (floors). A small shop will be created below decks in the main hold to more efficiently create and fit the interior elements. By June, a spar table will be ready to build booms, masts, and yards (spars) on. With all this and more going on more, builders are needed so please consider joining our team of volunteer ship builders. No ship building experience necessary just a good attitude and a willingness to work.

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