Podcast – Why We’re Paying More For Anchorage Fees


Bob explains why it’s difficult to find free anchorages these days.




  1. Perfect example why democracy doesn't work. Mob rule. If my "yacht" is in danger – I will find safe haven and I will not pay for it. Unless I tie up to a dock. And yes – We ARE finding many places outside the excited states of hysteria to anchor or free. ALL of Central America.. South america and the whole Caribbean.. For the most part.

    Those that think we "yachties" should pay to anchor – have no clue. If the Payment also include the use of shoreside facilities – Ok – I can see that, but just to throw your anchor out.. Sounds like some fun testing…

  2. When the towns on the shore create new anchoring grounds, I might think that an anchoring fee is fair. If they build it, we should pay for it if we use it.

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