Reflekt® Unsinkable Sunglasses For Boaters



Last year Reflekt launched their Unsinkable® polarized sunglass collection and the response was overwhelming – now their entire polarized sunwear line for men and women floats! Never lose your sunglasses to the deep when they slip out of your shirt pocket or off your face.

Their Unsinkable® sunglasses are made from a unique frame material called VaporLite™ which has the look & feel of ordinary sunglasses but is 20% lighter, allowing them to float. Combine that with their truly cutting-edge Colorblast™ polarized lens technology and you’ve got some of the best optics on and off the water.

12360385_912066698883375_1599215587269544686_nThey look and feel like regular sunglasses but are 20% lighter and no ugly pads or foam.

Now you can get on the water and go paddling, surfing, fishing, kayaking or just relaxing knowing that your new shades are Lighter than Water™. And by the way, if they happen to float away on you, don’t worry because they have you covered with their ground breaking Lifetime + Loss™ warranty. 

Reflekt has great styles for men and women, quite a few of which fit our “larger” faces here at Cruising Outpost. Full coverage, quality polarized optics, and they are the only sunglass company to offer a Lifetime Plus Loss Warranty.  You can lose them one time and get another pair for $35 including shipping.  Lifetime warranty covers scratches and breakage (You pay $35 and get a new pair after sending broken or scratched pair back).

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