Sea Mercy Recovery Fleet Plan Update


Sea Mercy - Yacht Shine - Unloading Provisions

The Sea Mercy Disaster Recovery Fleet is forming in the Pacific under the direction of John Ivey, Disaster Response Director, and Jonathan Robinson, Recovery Fleet Coordinator. John Ivey is working in Suva with the National Disaster Management Organization (NDMO) and in charge of Sea Mercy’s Rapid Response skippers – approximately 10 vessels. At the same time, Jonathan Robinson is mustering the Disaster Recovery Fleet in Opua, NZ and has about 20 vessels preparing to assist in Fiji at various dates from various ports this summer. The recovery work in Fiji is planned to continue through October so there is plenty of time to join us in our efforts if you plan to be in the area.

Tasking will be in support of the Sea Bridge for Fiji program.  It is too early for detailed tasking for the rotations but we anticipate our role to revolve around:  needs assessment reporting, water delivery systems repair, aid distribution, medical team transport/support, school supplies delivery and anything else that comes up!

Services and Discounts Offered Our Fleet

Sea Mercy - Yacht Shine - Unloading ProvisionsThe following services and discounts have been offered to our fleet in support of our efforts in Fiji – thank you all for your generosity!

Bob McDavitt of MetBob has offered free weather routing and Yachts in Transit/Gulf Harbour Radio passage support will help us keep track of the fleet as they make their way to Fiji.

In addition, Juliet Abbot and Aaron Blackmore from Oddies Marine have offered to help out the Sea Mercy vessels and skippers with discounts on marine equipment and supplies.  Fiji and its beautiful people are close to their hearts and they are visiting Fiji to volunteer on the Sea Bridge program in June/July 2016.  Oddies Marine will give a discount to those vessels and skippers actively assisting Sea Mercy in appreciation of the amazing work of the organization, helping the people of Fiji and the Pacific.

Lastly, a big “thank you” to Marie (DOMINO) for compiling our collective Lau navigation knowledge and arranging for SAS Planet information to be made available to the Fleet.

There are currently five separate rotations of Disaster Recovery (DR) vessels planned:

Disaster Recovery Fleet 1 will muster in Vuda Point/Port Denarau in April under the direct tasking of John Ivey and Sea Mercy (Fiji) to follow up on the work done by our Rapid Responders in the Lomaviti and Ra areas with possible tasking to Yasawas.


  • RHAPSODY/Laura Dwan
  • APOPROS/Jim Shutt
  • BREEZE/Per Eliason
  • SYLPH VI/Bob Williams
  • ANTARES II/Justin Hoye-House
  • ZEN II/Oscar Groeneveld

Disaster Recovery Fleets 2 – 5

Will be under the direction of Jonathan Robinson on Chez Nous who will be sailing with DR2A from Opua, NZ the end of April.

Sea Mercy - Loading Yacht Shine - Ellington WharfDR2

will muster in Opua, NZ on April 25th and plan to embark any targeted aid supplies for Norther Lau before sailing for Fiji at the first suitable weather window.  Briefings, preparations and access to seminars have been arranged through The Island Cruising Association’s Opua Cruisers Festival . Island Cruising Association has given our fleet a tremendous amount of support and we really appreciate all they have done.

After the additional storms in Fiji last week, the picture of the situation in Northern Lau is still unclear and Sea Mercy is currently sifting through 110 National Disaster Management Organization (NDMO) reports to try to establish what aid may already be in place and what supplies we should bring from New Zealand. More detailed information on the aid supplies needed for transport by our fleet will become available once this process is complete.


The Vanua Balavu clearance list for May 11 is now closed with 8 volunteer vessels. We are awaiting Fijian Government approval.

      VESSEL (current location)/Skipper:

  • CHEZ NOUS (Whangarei)/Jonathan, Donna, Anita
  • DOMINO (Whangarei/Barrier Islands)/JP & Marie Dufour
  • AMELIE IV (Auckland)/ Mark
  • PERRY (Whangarei)/ Matt, Jen and family
  • FIELD TRIP (Whangarei)/Mark, Sarah and family
  • INTERLUDE 3 (BOI)/Fletcher
  • REMEDY (Auckland)/David Bateman
  • GAMBOL (Whangarei)/Doug & Ellen


Clearing individually into Savusavu in May, focusing on Taveuni and resupply of DR2A:

VESSEL (current location)/Skipper:

  • REWA (Whangarei)/David
  • TRUE BLUE ( Majuro)/Craig
  • ELYSE NZ ( Whangaparaoa)/Alan & Gunilla
  • CARPE DIEM (Wellington)/James, Hannah and family


Clearing individually into Savusavu in June to assist Taveuni/Lau as individual sail plans allow:

VESSEL (current location)/Skipper:

  • MARGARITA (Panama)/Timothy
  • FULL CIRCLE  (Opua)/David & Cindy
  • MOANA(Whangarei)/Urs, Miriam and family
  • PLAN SEA (Whangarei)/Richard & Jenny


Arriving Vuda Point in May for to assist Ra and Yasawas:

VESSEL (current location)/Skipper:

  • ROCKSTAR (BOI)/Danny, Charmaine, Catherine
  • ANAHATA ( Majuro)/David
  • ZEN II (Port Denarau)/Osca


Arriving Savusavu in September:

VESSEL (current location)/Skipper:

  • KELAERIN (Whangarei)/Jim & Joy


Sea Mercy team in Makogai