At 800 AM AST Tue Sep 05 2017 Hurricane Irma


At 800 AM AST Tue Sep 05 2017 Hurricane Irma
NOAA and U.S. Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft have recently measured peak flight-level winds of around 170 kts and SFMR winds of around 150 kts. Based on these data the initial intensity has been increased to 150 kts (170 mph), making Irma an extremely dangerous category 5 hurricane. Some additional strengthening is still possible, but fluctuations in intensity are likely during the next couple of days due to eye-wall replacement cycles.

The NHC track call for IRMA NOT to hit the northern coast of Cuba which has high mountains (which would weaken the storm)…this spells lots of trouble for south FL and the Keys!! Forecasts for tropical systems can and do fluctuate however,…so stay tuned for further updates and my take on this ominous storm. I experienced Donna & Cleo years ago, my parents Andrew. Anyone that lives in homes built the way they used to be (brick & mortar) has a shot to endure if hit directly by IRMA…if not, prudence dictates that one EVACUATE at least 72 Hours in advance. Estimated landfall late Sat or early Sun!! Updates will follow until threat diminishes to all from the Caribbean, Puerto, Dominican  Republic, the Bahamas, to FL to the SE US.

Lee Chesneau, senior marine meteorologist.