Important Share The Sail BVI Info and Planned Route

UpdateUpdate for Share The Sail BVIs
  We want to make it as easy as possible for all of our participants to get the most enjoyment from this once-in-a-lifetime event. The islands we will be visiting are among the most beautiful islands in the world–and the people are great!
    For this event, we have arranged through Proteus Yacht Charters the use of four catamarans from Dream Yacht Charter. These boats are top-of-the-line and well-equipped with everything we will need. Each boat will have a skilled and experienced member of our “extended family” aboard, but the navigating, piloting, cooking, etc. will be performed by you, “The Crew,” to give you a true cruising experience. Your info sheet is linked here. Please fill out and email to ASAP. We will be using these sheets to make sure we have the right people on the right boats.
    Jody and I have been hosting these Share The Sail events for over 20 years. We want to make sure your trip is enjoyable and safe. 
    We suggest that when you make your travel arrangements you plan on including a day or two before and after the event, giving you time to explore the islands. 
    Our Share The Sail is planned for the British Virgin Islands. Our trip will begin and end in Fat Hog Bay on Tortola at the Dream Yacht Charter Base. We board the boats around noon on February 2nd, and plan to return them before 10 am on the 9th. 
    Here are some important numbers and contacts that you may want to keep handy for the trip:
        Cruising Outpost Office Contacts:    
Bob Bitchin    
Jody “Mo Bitchin” Lipkin
Mail:     Box 100, Berry Creek, CA 95916
                  Phone:   530 589-7979 (Landline at office)
                       310 704-7946 (Jody’s cell)
                       310-291-7946 (Bob’s cell)
Getting There:
  Most people fly into Puerto Rico and then catch a smaller plane into Beef Island airport on Tortola. Another option is to fly into St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and take the ferry into Road Town, Tortola. Be sure to allow time between flights. We usually suggest staying a day or so early, and maybe a day or so after, to ease the travel crunch. (And to give yourself time to explore!)

How to Pay Remaining Balances (They’re Due!)  

Balances due:

    We would like to ask that you pay your balance by check, as the cost of processing credit cards is almost 3% and that can add up fast.  If you do prefer to pay by CC we will have to ad a 3% surcharge.  I know it sounds like we are being cheap, but honestly, the cost for processing this whole event if paid by CC would be in the thousands of dollars. Many have asked if they could split the balance, and yes, that is an option. You can pay for one person now, and the second person on the next invoice. 
To pay by check, checks should be made to:  
Cruising Outpost
Box 100
Berry Creek, CA 95916
Total Balance due:
For each individual sharing a double cabin : $1600 per person if paid by check
If paying by CC:                            $1648.00 Per Person
(To pay by cc call 1-530-589-7979)
Things you need to know… 
Your Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months AFTER your arrival in The BVIs. Check it now so there is no last minute rush.
The air travel from the US is limited, so be sure to plan your flights as soon as possible, as the inter-island flights fill fast. We are not allowed to leave after dark.
Be sure you fill out the  questionnaire linked HERE so we can assign the best groups to the right boats.  IF for any reason you cannot access the questionnaire, PLEASE email meand I will send one right out.
  Our Planned Route

BoatsThe Boats
These are the boats we have for this voyage!
(We have not assigned boats yet. We will wait until all the questionnaires have been received so we can make sure we put the best combination of people on the right boats.)
Yes, we do have a few cabins still open, so if you have friends who might wish to join you, send them this link! 




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