Boot, Dusseldorf 2020 – The Worlds Largest And Best Boat Show! (31 Pictures)


This year the boat show in Germany was unbelievable.  But we know it happened, because we were lucky enough to be there for it.  We were joined by a group of our readers who wanted to see the show, and the people at the show treated all of us like visiting dignitaries.  It was great.

The night before the show opened about 14 of our readers joined us for dinner at a hundred year old German restaurant, and the show producer’s not only picked up the tab , but Petros Michelidakis, the shows director, took the time to join us for a few cocktails. I can’t imagine how he made this happen, as after he left, at about 11 pm, he went back to the show to walk the whole show to make sure everything was right for the opening in the morning.  He is unbelievable,  and he’s become a friend over the last few years.

The show opening was huge. They had on opening ceremony and they allowed us and our readers to be a part of it. Thousands of people lined up to be the first into the show. After the opening ceremonies they removed the stage in a matter of minutes, and the gates were opened.

The sailboat and trawler sections were of the most interest to us, so we made our way into the show, and for the next few days we would run into each other, and one couple traveling with us is buying a new cruising sailboat from the show.

I won’t go into all that we saw there, and will let the photos tell the story.  Also we will have more of the story in the magazine in the Summer issue.