Latitudes & Attitudes Headquarters and Home To Bob and Jody Destroyed In California Wildfires


Seven days ago the Bear Fire was approaching the Latitudes & Attitudes headquarters located on the Bitchin Ranch in what was once beautiful Downtown Berry Creek. 

Unfortunately, they lost everything. Bob and Jody’s home is gone, along with 75 years of memories, the Lats & Atts warehouse of books, back issues, and more. There is a gofundme donation page setup to help them get back on their feet.

This is a video that was recorded by a camera that was left on and connected to the internet after they evacuated – it captured the fire as it approached their home.

A few days later Bob Bitchin was interviewed by his granddaughter Tabitha Lipkin about the loss of their home.

Latitudes & Attitudes is now being remotely operated from a hotel in the Oroville area. Thankfully, the staff “remote offices” are located around the country and are helping to pick up the slack. There is good news, though:


It’s a very special issue, with two complete magazines. The Latitudes & Attitudes Winter Christmas/Chartering Special Issue, and a separate magazine titled “International Boat Show Spectacular” which we are creating to help those who wanted to go to the boat shows but were unable to due to the pandemic.


  1. Well guys, looking it on the lighter side, mother nature is great and stuff will grow back fast and will be beautiful once again.
    Then , well, we'll just call it a remodel and you can make all the changes that you have learned could have been done differently .
    Anyway keep your chin up and stay on an even keel, need anything I can help with let me know.
    Capt. Mike

  2. Bob, Really sorry to read the news about your home. I can't even imagine what that must be like. I'll be thinking about you. Ray

  3. Sorry about the loss of your home and head quarters. Wish I can help with cash. However as a founders circle member I was very disappointed in your past anti american comments on this board. good luck

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