Bronze Age (1300 BC) Shipwreck in Uluburun, Turkey

The Uluburun shipwreck was a late Bronze Age merchant ship, which carried a variety of wares from all over the Mediterranean, and sank some time in the 14th century BC. It is the oldest shipwreck to date and was found off the coast of Turkey in 1982, near a popular diving area. Its preserved cargo is now at display in Bodrum, Turkey.

Among its wares were Copper ingots, glass, precious stones, weapons, armor, acorns, figs, dates, olives and a lot of pottery. The Mycenaean Greek pottery was especially useful for dating the ship, as it represented pottery types typical for the Late Helladic III A2 period (1400-1300 BC). The divers also found hinged wooden tablets, which served as notebooks. Such wooden tablets were also mentioned in Homer‘s Iliad, reflecting aspects of Bronze Age Society.


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