Now in its 27th year, Latitudes & Attitudes celebrates and supports the cruising lifestyle around the world. Continuously the number one selling boating lifestyle magazine on US newsstands, Lats & Atts inspires all types of cruisers by highlighting the real-life experiences of boaters already living their dream on the water. Founded in 1997 by life-long biker and tattoo enthusiast-become sailor Bob Bitchin and lovely new wife Jody, after they completed their world-wide adventures aboard The Lost Soul. They met countless cruisers around the globe realizing their dreams out on the water which inspired Lats & Atts.

In early 2022 Bob & Jody sold Latitudes & Attitudes to Kyle Media of Toledo, Ohio, owned by Erik & Melanie Kyle and long-time publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine. Aspiring cruisers themselves, Erik and Melanie have made it their life’s mission to serve the ever-growing boating industry by providing platforms for interaction, inspiration and marine business growth. In addition to Great Lakes Scuttlebutt, now in its 31st year, Kyle Media also offers Marine Marketing Solutions digital network and Scuttlebutt the social media app geared for boaters of all kinds.

It takes a special magazine to adequately cater to the cruising lifestyle. Cruisers are a unique breed; we are all accepting, welcoming and inviting. We believe that everyone has a seat within this giant global cruising community. Latitudes & Attitudes serves as a manual to the cruising lifestyle – a how-to, must-read, dreamers guide. Pull up a chair, share your dreams and let this incredible lifestyle inspire you.