Are U Ready 4 Death’s Door and Other Northern Badger Adventure

Yes, this is all about the maritime and on-the-water delights to be found in the Badger state of Wisconsin. 

From the psychedelic sand caves of the Apostle Islands on the big lake they call “Gitchee Gumi” to depths of the greenest of Green Lakes to all the waterpark fun that can be found in the Dells and finally thru “Death’s Door” itself, there is a lot more to Wisconsin than the Green Bay Packers or Milwaukee’s finest.

Door County is where one of my longtime bucket list adventures was finally fulfilled this past summer presents itself in many ways, like the aforementioned rocky Maine Coast minus the lobster but plus whitefish, walleye, and a maritime heritage that can only be found if discovered. 

When you reach my age at 64, it was more than a June 4 Paul McCartney remembrance for me. “Bucket lists” take on a new meaning and significance.

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