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Lynx Educational Foundation Trailer for Lynx – America’s Privateer

The Privateer Lynx is a unique National Treasure. Launched in 2001 on plans dating from the War of 1812, the Lynx brings American history back from the past and immerses students in lessons about this nations founding and its defense of freedom. Today, the modern version of the Lynx serves as a floating classroom where students from a variety of institutions learn about the War of 1812 and the heroic struggle of privateer vessels to foil the British navy; they learn, as well, about the sea and sailing ships and about the teamwork required to keep a craft like the Lynx afloat.

Students come on board the Lynx to partake in a hands-on interactive educational program that enhances personal achievement through teamwork, sail training and historical discussion. Participants step back in time as they learn to perform the duties of an 1812 privateer crew. One school teacher whose students recently sailed on the Lynx called this a truly amazing and memorable study trip! A student who sailed more extensively on the Lynx said that this experience had an immense impact on my life it taught me to deal with unexpected obstacles and to accept more challenges and to face them. The Lynx educational program is endorsed by a number of California school boards and meets specific California State Standards 1 1/2 Hour Educational History Dockside Programs and 3 hour Educational History and Science Adventure Sails available in many west coast ports including Long Beach, San Diego, King Harbor/Redondo Beach, Oakland, Morro Bay, Monterey, Oxnard, Ventura and Oceanside. Call (866)446-5969 for more information.

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