Catching up with The Sailing Brothers

Words by Robin Stout | 2024 Charter Issue

Luke and Adam Martin are brothers from Cardiff, South Wales in the United Kingdom. Their story is not just about sailing. It’s a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for resilience, courage, and adventure. As they progress from the tranquil waters of the Bristol Channel to the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, their tale unfolds with every wave and wind gust.

The brother’s love of sailing traces back to their childhood, where they sailed dinghies with their father. However, like many, life took them away from the water in their teens and twenties until fate intervened. There are pivotal moments in everyone’s lives and Luke’s pivotal moment came seven years ago when he decided to purchase a Hurley 22. At the time Luke was battling agoraphobia and depression, confining him to his home for four years. Yet, the allure of the sea proved stronger than his fears and the small boat reignited the brother’s love for sailing, setting the stage for their extraordinary voyage.

After six months of day sailing in the Bristol Channel they decided that they were ready to go further and needed a bigger boat. They sold the Hurley and purchased Nymph, a Sabre 27. They were sailing on weekends when one day, sitting in a pub Luke said “Why don’t we just take Nymph and sail around the UK?” At first, Adam didn’t think that they were up to it but was finally convinced. When summer arrived they gave notices at work and set out on a voyage that marked the beginning of a journey that would take them across oceans and continents. 

When they returned to Cardiff they lived aboard Nymph in Cardiff Marina. It was a very cold and damp existence but while living on their cramped boat, they dreamed of sailing across oceans and realized that it would require a different boat. They got jobs and saved every penny they could to fund their next adventure. One day, Luke came across a Rival 34 built in 1979 and it was love at first sight. He texted Adam that they had to buy this boat. Adam agreed but they found themselves $10,000 short. Undeterred, they got a loan from their mom and soon became the proud owners of Atlas.

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