Sailing from Croatia to the Caribbean Part 1

By Rob McLean

What do these individuals have in common:

• A medical doctor working in family medicine in Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

• One of the world’s leading experts on growing strawberries from California, USA.

• A former North American railroad executive living in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

• A retired nursing professor and small business CEO, currently based in Cobourg, Ontario Canada.

• A former accountant and international management consultant, enjoying a second career teaching offshore sailing.

The thread that binds is a love of sailing and spirit of adventure, which led all five of us to Split, Croatia in October 2022.

We were joining the first leg of a unique sailing expedition that was one part delivery of a catamaran across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to join the Barefoot Yacht Charters ( fleet in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. And an opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills required for certification as an offshore sailor as well as a chance to experience cruising in the Mediterranean. The expedition was organized by Barefoot Offshore Sailing School (, the sister company to Barefoot Yacht Charters, and I was the skipper and instructor for the trip…

Read the FULL STORY and see more great photos – click here!

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