Sailing on a Budget

Have you ever dreamed of buying a sailboat and setting off for distant shores and tropical waters? My wife, Lisa, and I have been sailing for over thirty years around northeast Florida, and we are finally getting close to making that dream a reality.

We’ve had a lot of boats, both sail and power. This time we wanted a boat big enough to go cruising but not so big that we couldn’t easily handle her. We both feel it’s important that either one of us be able to single-hand the vessel in case of an emergency. We also wanted enough room to be reasonably comfortable. We’ve been married a long time and get along well, so we don’t need a lot of space. Every vessel is a compromise in some way, and each sailor has to find what works for them. Our starting budget for this mythical cruiser was $16,000.

After a lot of searching and looking, in December of 2021, we found and negotiated the purchase of a 1980 Endeavor 32 for $13,000. Endeavors are good, sturdy boats that lend themselves well to cruising. This one seemed sound with almost new sails and upgraded bronze ports. It came from up north, which means it didn’t get used as much as a Florida boat might be, and this showed in its overall condition.

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