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Our names are Sara and Lee, and for the last eight years, we’ve been exploring the seas with our two children, Taj and Bella, along for the ride. While it’s not smooth sailing all the time, we absolutely love the lifestyle we’ve built and the experiences we get to share with our children.

Lee and I grew up on the East Coast of Australia, where our lives were full of outdoor adventures such as surfing, fishing, and camping. We’d always enjoyed the ocean, so when our children were born, it also became part of their lives. Since we lived close to one of the world’s best surfing beaches, we spent a lot of time there.

At the time, our family life was quite normal. Lee and I ran our own business, and the kids were in school. While we never considered ourselves financially rich, we had everything we needed. Still, something inside us yearned for a life of adventure. We dreamed of sailing away and traveling the world.

When Lee and I both lost a parent, we realized life was too short. We hadn’t purchased a home on land because we wanted our future to be spent sailing the world while living on a boat. So, in 2014, while Taj was nine and Bella was eight, we purchased a 44-foot sailing boat named Catalpa. A lot of maintenance was required, but before long, we’d taken the kids out of school. Many might have called us crazy, but it’s been the best decision we’ve ever made…

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