Virtual Cruising: Parlay Revival

Life is hectic, and with a wife and a bunch of young kids, things are always changing.

One of the few remaining constants in my life has been our Sunday morning tradition of watching YouTube sailing videos, something we started back in 2019. I first stumbled upon Sailing Parlay Revival when YouTube recommended their video following an episode of SV Delos or Gone with the Wynns. I was captivated by the romanticized idea of buying a broken boat and restoring it back to its former glory. Fixing a hurricane-damaged boat is a monumental task. We watched each week as they attacked their projects head-on, armed only with Colin’s experience working on superyachts and his Kiwi “can-do” attitude. He always managed to stay positive, even after the craziest of setbacks. It was so inspirational to watch, and his channel quickly became our favorite on YouTube. 

As I followed his journey, I couldn’t help but imagine myself being on the Parlay crew sailing the world. I cherished the thought of being with friends on a mission, each of us on our own path of a shared dream. But these moments were short-lived. Reality would set in as I caught a glimpse of the kids on one side of me or my wife or the other. “If only I were younger,” I would think to myself. I would have killed to be a part of that ragtag crew. They had cut ties with society and were free to go anywhere the wind took them – but it was just a far-fetched fantasy, something I could only experience in another life. But life has a way of providing the unimaginable and leading you there if you are only willing to leap. Never in a million years could I have predicted that all these dreams would come true, that I would see myself on those very same Parlay Revival videos years later.

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