Easy Peach Cobbler


This recipe has a wonderful story behind it. I have been making various versions of cobbler for years. I love to bake and am always looking for different ideas. The summer of 2011 at a July 4th celebration Bob fell in love, and it wasn’t MY peach cobbler
recipe he was drooling over. Of course I had to go find the person that was responsible, so off I went. Up in Berry Creek Ca, we have met several great neighbors. As I asked around, Seaweed spoke up “my wife made that peach cobbler, she’s the best cook around” while he patted his round belly laughing. Since that day Mickey has made Bob several peach cobblers. A few months ago she gave me the secret recipe and now I’m sharing it with the world. Thank you Mickey for this wonderful treat that I am going to now call my own.


Bake 375 for 45min.


10 medium sized peaches (more if needed to fit your dish) peeled and sliced in 1 inch sections

1 cup white sugar

1 cup white Flour

1 stick of butter

Pinch of Ground ginger to your liking. This gives it a zing.


Take your favorite baking dish and butter the inside of container and layer with peeled peaches.

Mix the flour and sugar together and pour over the peaches.

Put butter slices and on top.


While the cobbler is baking in the oven and watch for crispy burnt parts. Tuck them under with a knife and continue baking until thoroughly crisped.


Viola, scoop ice cream on top and go straight to heaven