Moving Up To The Big Time


Well it all started the morning of 4/20/12..As i was putting my beloved 28 morgan I/O back in the water.After a week on the hard new bottom paint,new cutless bearing.The yard i use doesn’t allow live aboard’s in the yard.I’ve live on her for the last 6 year’s..So i was staying on a friends couch..Atfer a week of me they are lets just say happy my boats back in the water..(What i don’t snore) ok ok i’ll have to fix the

Now the yard i use is for yachts. And i have customer’s that i pull they’’s out of the water to be worked on.So let’s just say the marina like’s me.So here it is I am in the slang on the traveler left and up walks the owner of the marina and he tell’s me he has a 41 morgan outisland and if I want it.i almost fell into the drink..DO i want it. Do dolphin swim in water. So I jump off the boat walk up to them and said let’s talk. He tells me he has this 41 at one of his other yard’s. So the story go’s the 41 sank at the dock. And the insurance company sold the boat at auction. Some guy’s down in Miami bought the boat and didn’t know what they bought. The guy’s called the marina and ask what size car they needed to move the boat lol. Well that’s another story.

The yard told the guy’s there’s a storage lien.So they worked out some cash for the guy’s for the title. So here I am the proud owner of a 41 foot Morgan. The yard gave me a week free to get the bottom painted and find what sank the boat..easy one..putting the garden hose from the outside I put water in each thru hull fittings and there she blows water in the face.the outlet for the front head.the old hose at the seacock rotted off. So we are looking at about a year work to get her back to the lady she once was.but it’s a labor of love..

ps i’ll keep you updated of the work or come by the Morgan Yachts on face book

Story by Vamper


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