O’Day Rendezvous


Every summer, for the last 10 years, O’day sailboat owners from around the Northeast gather for their annual rOnDAYvous. This owners club exists on various web ihaunts, but there are no dues, no officers, no meetings just a once a year get together for a weekend of fun, food, sailing and libations. Under the ever creative guidance of Pete Dodenhoff, this year’s rOnDAYvous took place at the Cedar Island Marina, Clinton, CT. Nearly 80 people on over 20 boats from as far away as Washington, D.C. (and a land bound crew from North Carolina) gathered at various anchorages in Long Island Sound to make the final journey to Clinton. With 3 days of carousing in Connecticut events included blind dinghy races, a visit from Santa (in July!), a short regatta (not to mention hombrewed beer, tropical jello shots, various rum and other concoctions), and topped off with the annual rehearsal of the O’day Sail Boat Band. The O’dayers are already plotting their next assault…I mean rOnDAYvous on a marina to be determined. Wherever they end up it is guaranteed to be a fantastic time.

Submitted by Dan Parilla


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