Dolphin Seeks Diver’s Help


A group of divers were expecting to see dozens of manta rays during a night swim in Hawaii, but instead a dolphin tangled in fishing wire approached the group.

Watch the news report with diver interview.



  1. while in Kona we did the night time dive with the Manta Rays, an unforgettable experience! If you go there DO IT!

    • is this the same Robert Mark that ruined the buffet at the Harrow Club this morning? Are you the Captain of the ISLE DOER? You son of a BITCH!

  2. You still owe me for 6 rounds of Buffalo milks at two harbors ! I'll chase you 'round the moons of Nibia and "round the Antares Maelstrom and "round perdition`s flames before I give you up!

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