Man Overboard App for iPhone and iPad



Manoverboard is an App that could save a life.

Anyone who goes to sea or on the water should have this App. Its good for practicing MOB techniques as well
as in a real emergency.

Simple to use, Manoverboard shows you the way back to the MOB – and the position to give to the emergency services. That alone could be life saving. If you are in any type of boat – yacht, motorboat, dinghy, anything that floats – your safety and that of your crew and guests is paramount. Don’t just download this App yourself – make sure that they do to. It may be you that goes overboard!

It’s designed for anyone to use. It could not be simpler.

Just press the MOB button to see:

•  Direction to follow
•  Distance to go
•  Time elapsed
•  Position of the MOB – latitude and longitude
•  When you are closer than 100 metres the display changes from red to green
•  When you are closer than 10 metres the display changes to show MOB

Press the Info button to see:

• Your current position
• The MOB position
• The bearing to the MOB

A man overboard situation is fairly rare but it happens more often than you think. A simple trip on some deck clutter; a knock from the boom; leaning back on a lifeline that snaps; reaching over to retrieve a fender– there’s a hundred ways for someone aboard to unexpectedly find themselves in the water.




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