Bob Bitchin’s Granddaughter Ready To Take On The Outback – And You Can Help

Airlie Beach, Australia, Just east of the Northern Territory.
Airlie Beach, Australia, Just east of the Northern Territory.

Just when you think Tabitha Lipkin (granddaughter of Bob Bitchin) has settled down into something, she’s right back up and looking for a new adventure- and this time it looks like she’s found it! Tabitha is ready to “take on the outback” as Australia’s newest “Outback Adventurer” in the Northern Territory.

The Tourism Board of Australia put on a contest to gather interest into what Australia is all about. 600,000 Applicants from more than 200 countries were put in for six jobs. The jobs include: Taste Master, Wildlife Caretaker, Chief Funster, Lifestyle Photographer, Park Ranger, and Outback Adventurer. Tabitha is now one of the top 25 competing for the job and the competition is rough. The job will be a six-month working holiday with a pay that’s not too shabby, $100,000. The top three contestants from each category will be flown to Australia for in-person interviews. And the winner will be announce June 21st.

Tabitha at the helm in the Pacific Northwest
Tabitha at the helm in the
Pacific Northwest

Tabitha has had plenty of jobs and internship to get her ready for life after college, but she says she never thought it could take her across the Pacific. Before working as a reporter, she has worked as a zip-line tour guide, real estate agent, bartender, audience coordinator, and she interned at both “Conan” on TBS as well as the “Colbert Report” on Comedy Central- she just turned 23! When ask why she wanted to leave her current job as a reporter in southern California she said, “I’m not really leaving my job, I’m just taking what I do to a new level in a new place. I feel like people don’t always consider Australia as a place to visit or even work- but I’m going to change that and show them that if given the job, my experiences will bring the world together down under.”

When asked what she would do if not picked for the top three or the job itself she laughed and said, “This opportunity has really opened my eyes to what I can do. If I don’t get this opportunity, there will be others, but my heart is set in Australia. If I don’t get this job, maybe the Tourism Board of Australia would hire me for something else? Who knows! Anything is possible.”

Tabitha & Chris on the Cover of Latitudes & Attitudes in Tahiti
Tabitha & Chris on the Cover of
Latitudes & Attitudes in Tahiti

Although her job will require her to cover all of the Northern  Territory she will have beach access and marina access. Recently she has sailed with her “Grandpa” Bob Bitchin in Tahiti, The Grenedines and the Pacific North-west, where she has helped produce the nationally televised “Latitudes & Attitudes” TV show.

Here’s How You Can Help

On Facebook

To help you can go to the Facebook pages Australian Working Holiday and/or Australia and say why you think Tabitha Lipkin should get the job as Outback Adventurer. Just POST your support right on their page!


Or you can tweet to them on twitter using @Australia @tabithalipkin #bestjobs to say why she should get the job. If your feeling Adventurous, you can Instagram pictures using the Instagram app and tag @SeeAustralia and @tabithalipkin together with your picture. Arrrrrgh!


  1. This is the best I could do. "You guys will really be missing the boat if you do not select Tabitha Lipkin for the Outback Adventurer job. That gal is a for real outdoor person. She has class, good looks and extensive public relation experience.

  2. My .02 cents:

    I am pleased to recommend Tabitha Lipkin for the position of Outback Adventurer. I have enjoyed watching Tabatha grow from an adventurous young girl into a mission driven, adventure orientated public relations professional. I can assure you that Tabatha will be an asset to the Tourism Board of Australia and I highly recommend her for your consideration.

    Rob Webb
    Former City Councilman
    City of Long Beach, California

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