New App – What’s On My Boat?

whats-on-my-boat-appThe ‘What’s on my Boat? App for iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad is really useful. If you don’t remember where you stowed the spare impeller or what wine you have on board this App will give you the answers.
It’s easy to use. Walk round your boat, talk into your phone to enter an item and take a photo. Allocate the item to a Location, Category or List at your leisure or right there and then.

You can add your own Locations, categories, Lists or use the pre-programmed ones. You can filter your inventory by or all any combination of Locations, Categories and Lists. The ‘Show Full Screen’ option is great for seeing part or serial numbers.

So next time you are standing in West Marine wondering why you are there, you can open the App, click on the ‘Things to Buy’ list and get what you want. Simple

And it syncs with Dropbox so you can share with other devices and not lose your entries!
It’s in the App Store now at


  1. This is genuinely useful! Great for those of us who forget where we put things in all those tucked away places. Love the fact that you can define your own locations. 'Under the step to the forepeak' is one of mine.

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