5 Boats You Wish You Owned


5.) The Eden is a luxury motoryacht concept by Daniel Hahn, a German design professional who studied product design.The Eden is 72 ft long with 1,250 horsepower inboard engines. The vertical bow of the Eden is in contrast to the wide horizontal sturn. The lower hull section is formed from lightweight carbon fiber, while the main body of the craft is sculpted from wood. These two sections are designed to fit into each other and provide an interesting material contrast. Even the anchor is integrated into the body, only visible by a joint line in the front section. The interior of the Eden motoryacht has room for 3 guests and a single crew member. The proposed range at maximum speed (40 knots) is 360 miles.



4.) The 118 Wallypower Yacht is arguably the most distinctive and fastest motor yacht in the world. Created by Wally Yachts, It has three gas turbine engines that produce 17,000 horsepower, propelling the 118 to more than 60 knots. With its striking vertical bow it cuts through the water with unmatched stability and control so that even at high speeds the experience is calm and relaxed. You have have one like her for $33 million.



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3.) The Adastra is a $15 million dollar, 139 ft. Trimaran that can be controlled by an ipad. the Adastra launched in China in April 2012 and was designed by UK-based John Shuttleworth. The trimaran is the second largest of its kind and took four years build. The Adastra can house up nine guests, in addition to six crew members, and travel at a speed of up to 22.5 knots. It’s fuel efficient, too, able to make it 4,000 miles which is longer than a trip from London to New York without stopping for gas.


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2.) This Modern House Boat by X-Architects is a houseboat but if you could take it out of water it would fit into any hip neighborhood. The Modern Houseboat by X-Architects is a sea-bound home with the metal structure, the floor-to-ceiling windows that would make the architecture world jealous. Currently in Dubai.

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1.) The Alloy Yachts’ Vertigo 220 Superyacht is a 220-foot sailing yacht created by naval architect Philippe Brand. It is basically lined with luxury from bow to stern, capable of carrying captain, crew and company around the world in the highest of fashion. The Vertigo 220 is powered by a pair of 1400 horse powered main engines that combine with bow and stern thrusters for a massive amount of thrust to compliment the wind at its sails.  In contrast to most yachting designs, the interior is not overly compartmentalized, it is open and airy, making for a grand approach to luxury yacht living. Currently owned by Rupert Murdoch . The price is unknown, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we can’t afford it.

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