You Can Help Form A Sailing Club in Central America


The Hopkins Wave Hoppers is a new youth sailing club being formed in association with the Belize Sailing Association and Boat Education & Sail Training Center, in Hopkins Belize Central America. Our main goal is to establish an ongoing sailing club for the youth of Hopkins, Belize.

This not only helps the kids builds confidence, life skills and leadership, but also teaches them a very fun skill to have – sailing. Sailing is adventurous and can be enjoyed by all of the family, it is vital to also have an awareness of safety when it comes to sailing as it can be dangerous, CPR training and an understanding of corrosion is crucial if you are thinking of adventuring out on your own boat. You will want to ensure that safety is first priority when it comes to your boat and the people aboard, purchasing items such as marine batteries are crucial, ensuring that the power is working and everything is stable and secure. The boats at our club are of an exceptional standard and the kids will learn so much. And for some the ability to build the vessels they sail and the ability to carry that with them for the rest of their lives including earning a living with it to feed their families when that time comes.

Progressing from the Optimist to the next vessel that is suited for the individual sailor. Our Next project is a Snipe sailboat which also has an international following.

What we need:
1) A place to house everything and have 3 times a week meetings and sailing, preferably on the beach or close to it.
2) Purchase the initial Optimist fleet of 6 vessels through the Optimist Sailing Association
3) Purchase Material for the building of 5 Snipe sailing vessels to build and move up to.

Our main objective is for the kids to have fun but the long term effects of sailing programs have been proven to add more than just a head full of great memories but a more rounded and successful individual less likely to be pulled in by peer pressure.

Please help by visiting: Hopkins Wave Hoppers by Stone Age – GoFundMe


  1. Hi, I'm a sailing trainer and I'd like to share a little. Points of sail are general reference terms used to describe the direction a boat is sailing in relation to its angle to the wind. Learning the terms and the characteristics of each point of sail is very important when learning to sail. Each point of sail has its own personality. Some are more difficult to sail than others while some are more efficient and provide for faster speeds. It is the responsibility of the skipper and crew to understand the characteristics of each point of sail and make the proper adjustments to the sails, centerboard (if equipped) and the crew's own positioning inside the boat to ensure efficient sailing no matter what course the boat is on. thanks !~ Ryan

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