Three Boat Shows At Once – What Were We Thinkin?


pirattepull2We’re thinking we love what we do! The Cruising Outpost deckhands have been traveling, working and invading the three big boat shows taking place this coming weekend. Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle! Here’s what’s going on:

Strictly Sail Chicago – Jan 23-26

Bob Bitchin and his wife Jody are already here with Dave Eugene. The bracing 2 degree weather is something like cruising on the dark side of the moon but they’ve got their long underwear on  – visit them at booth 445. Bob Bitchin will be speaking at 4:45 Friday at the seminar room 311 – ”How to Keep a Starboard Attitude While Cruising”. Come by and listen to his teeth chatter!

Progressive San Francisco Boat Show – Jan 23-26

Heidi Benson is representing here! Stop by booth 316 to subscribe to the magazine, say hi or bring her some chocolate!

Seattle Boat Show – January 24th – Feb 2nd

Ad gurus Lisa and Darren are handling the Cruising Outpost table and their own out of the same booth! Bob will be coming direct from Chicago for the second week, speaking on Thursday, January 30th – when we first posted Bob’s speaking date it was wrong by a week or so – we blame the rum. Now that we’ve got our wits about us, come by and listen to Bob! Thursday Night, Bob Bitchin speaks at 6pm – Where? At the boat show of course, in the main building! Also visit Cruising Outpost and get your magazine subscription at Booth #East 521