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image.adapt.960.highMany of us are always eager to travel (“duh”, you might say). That’s why we read Cruising Outpost, and that’s why we take every chance we get and explore a new destination. Well, I’ve been on a budget for sometime now, and although I am fortunate that I have friends I can stay with in new destinations… That doesn’t always work. So I found an alternative way to travel. It’s called “cargo ship travel”. Yes, that’s right, and you can travel almost anywhere a cargo ship goes. Here’s how it works:

Basically most major global shipping lines offer paying passengers a chance to book a cabin. As a paying passenger you are accommodated in guest cabins and have access to most areas of the ship. From what I’ve read these sailor on the cargo ships spend A LOT of time at seas, and they are usually happy to have a fresh face walking around their workplace. Hell, they may even invite you to eat with them, or give you tours of the ship. I also hear tales of an officer happy hour? Count me in. images (17)

How expensive is it?: Not too bad. Prices range from about $70-$150 a day… BUT remember, you also are full accommodated with room and board- and you’re on an awesome cargo ship… I bet not too many people can say “Oh yeah, I traveled to London on a cargo ship, then I was off to South Africa” Of course you will be given your regular duties (as you have on any vessel).

cargo travelSo if you think you’re as interested as I am in this awesome alternative way of travel, below are links to other articles on the subject. If you have traveled this way before…

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  1. Truly the airline offers the quick and fast journey to almost everywhere in the world. But there is the view that is the journey and not really the destination that makes the trip worth while. And a ship offers comfort and style not even the most first class air ticket can buy. Entertainment and food found on most ships will never be matched in a jet liner. You will meet people and crew you will never see on a plane.

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