Treasure in the Sea


Just eighteen miles from one of Earth’s most populated cities lies a hidden world β€” a world consisting of five remarkable islands and their ocean environment. Channel Islands National Park β€” Treasure in the Sea transports you to a California that many thought disappeared long ago.

The isolation of the Channel Islands has fostered the development of unique plants, animals, and archeological resources that exist nowhere else on the planet. This film showcases the wonders of the park and the efforts of the National Park Service to protect and preserve this fragile and diverse world.

Through the use of incredible aerial photography, cutting-edge computer graphics, and footage of remote, scenic natural locations β€” narrator Kevin Costner takes you on an incomparable journey through one of America’s greatest National Parks in this stunning high-definition film.


  1. The Channel Island National Park and Marine Park seem to be the ideal place to explore the beauty and share a piece of God's gift with our children.


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