Vanuatu Needs Our Help!


vanautuIn the most recent Spring 2015 issue of Cruising Outpost our main feature story was from Vanuatu, showing it as one of the best cruising grounds on earth. It was, and will be again, but last week Tropical Cyclone Pam has pummeled the island nation.

It is the strongest storm to make landfall since the devastating Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013.

Aid workers on the ground are reporting massive destruction. The Australian Red Cross said via Twitter that “humanitarian needs will be enormous. Many people have lost their homes. Shelter, food and water (are) urgent priorities” in Port Vila.

If you would like to contribute to the efforts of those in place to help the victims of this storm, please check the groups listed below. They are all poised and ready to start helping once it is safe to do so.

We at Cruising Outpost have chosen to work with the folks at World Vision. They have an arm set up where donations will go directly to help the victims of the disaster.

Here is a direct link to World Vision, if you’d like to help. There are many other agencies trying to help. You can find more on the internet.