Subscriber Notice: Summer Issue mailed late!

Latest Issue - Number 11, Summer 2015
Hold fast – It’s on its way!

It has just come to our attention that due to a mixup by our printers, the Summer issue has been dropped in the mail late. Subscribers copies ONLY were affected by this. Newsstand and dealer copies were on-sale on time and were printed on time.

The magazines are going in the mail today June 08.

We apologize for this, and we hope it will never happen again.

Bob Bitchin – Publisher”

A letter from our printer:



  1. There are only two things in life that can never be late without serious consequences: 1. Your girlfriends/wifes period. 2 On time delivery of Cruising Outpost. Can't decide which is more painful…

  2. Thank you for posting this update. I was recently in a local West Marine and saw the newest issue on the shelf… and realized I had not yet received it at home. I was about to go interrogate the mail person tomorrow… so you've saved me from an embarrassing conversation. Looking forward to getting that in the mail.

  3. …And I have not yet received what was to be the first issue of my subscription..!!!.. What's up..????

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