Couple saved $100,000 and quit their jobs to sail around the world


A young couple decided to quit the rat race and gave up their jobs to sail around the world – despite never having set foot on a sailing boat before.

Matt and Jessica Johnson, both 32, decided to give up their ‘American Dream,’ quit their jobs, sell their possessions and raised enough money to buy their dream boat in 2008.

After practising for three years, the duo were finally ready to set sail and drift into the sunset and have not looked back since.

Leaving behind everything they knew, the adventurous couple departed their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 12, 2011, and have so far explored 16 countries. As appealing as this is for a life or even retirement plan, I think I might have a look for the ultimate UK caravan spots first for a more comfortable introduction to the great outdoors.


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