– New: THE WAVE – the first Standing Deep Water Wave

– Presentation of the world of super yachts

– New: boot INTERIOR presents furnishings for the luxury segment

– Sailing sports in Halls 14 to 17 with over 360 exhibitors

About 1,800 exhibitors from 60 countries in 17 exhibition halls boot Düsseldorf, 48th International Boat Show, will return from January 21 – 29, 2017 to the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany with exciting new features. As the global No. 1 trade fair for its industry, the event reflects the international market with its broad range of boats, yachts and water sports equipment.

New: THE WAVE – the First Standing Deep Water Wave

THE WAVE is a 29 feet wide standing wave inviting visitors to surf at the new Surfers Village in Hall 2. “It is guaranteed to be fun for professionals as well as for children and beginners. To test the wave at boot 2017 visitors can already secure a surf slot before the show starts at . Surfing is free – all you need is an admission ticket for boot 2017,” explained boot Director Petros Michelidakis. The Surfers Village will feature chill-out bars, hip surf fashion and the latest surf boards.

THE WAVE is also an engineering accomplishment: It boasts the unique Deep Water Surf system which allows surfers to surf on it using standard surf boards with fins. This creates a much more realistic surf feel than other standing waves. For beginners and professionals the basin offers waves of different heights from 3 to 5 feet. With the help of ten pumps the 25°C warm and 4.5 feet deep water is pumped to form waves that ensure unlimited surf fun. THE WAVE is a project of “Citywave” developed by engineers Susi and Rainer Klimaschewski.

Excursion into the World of Super Yachts and their Supplies

Halls 5, 6 and 7a will feature the segments super yachts, tender boats for big yachts, super yacht building and furnishings for super yachts. A special highlight will be Hall 6 with the super yachts.  All market leaders are “on board” and 60 super yachts up to 98 feet will be on show. Getting these yachts to the fairgrounds is not an easy task but due to the fairgrounds being located next to the Rhine River (one of Europe’s most important waterways), the super yachts travel by river to Düsseldorf. Some of them arrive in a group of up to five yachts on a pontoon loaded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Once moored in Düsseldorf these yachts are transported right from the pontoon into the hall. Petros Michelidakis added: “A pontoon of this kind with five yachts is again expected at boot 2017. Its arrival is currently scheduled for January 5 or 6, 2017.”

Exclusive yacht-building projects, scale models of luxury yachts, upstream suppliers, designers and architects will prove at the Super Yacht Show in Halle 7a that there is no limit when it comes to yacht building. A new element is the “boot INTERIOR” segment focused on the interior design and furnishings for mega yachts. There is a rising demand for spa areas with state-of-the-art technology, low-noise cabins and elaborate materials for exclusive designs. The joint organizers of this interior design show are Messe Düsseldorf and BOOTE EXCLUSIV, the super yacht magazine published by Delius Klasing Verlag in Germany. The goal for the future is to develop an even wider product portfolio in the B2B segment of boot. Registered participants include the “Consortium – Superyacht Germany” as well as a joint stand of the French super yacht builders.

The German Superyacht Conference with a line-up of high-caliber speakers, also organized by Delius Klasing publishing house, will complement the ranges on display in Halls 5, 6 and 7a.. The Vice President of Design at Daimler AG, Gorden Wagener, will present the keynote on the theme “Transfer of Design”. He is considered one of the most important automotive designers in the world and has just transformed the Mercedes brand for the water with the development of the Arrow 460-Granturismo. The Superyacht Conference will be held on January 25, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Düsseldorf.

Accessories Segment is Popular

Over 50,000 visitors are attracted to boot by the boat segment accessories – from engines and technical supplies, equipment, instruments and power supply systems, whether classic gen-sets or solar energy systems, to efficient propellers. This makes Halls 10, 11 and 12 a popular destination at boot. One premiere at boot 2017 will be the series production of the Neander Dtorque turbo-charged diesel outboard engine by Neander Motors.

Sailing Sports in Halls 14 to 17 presented by 360+ Exhibitors

More than 360 manufacturers of sailing boats and yachts, multi-hull yachts, cats, day-sailors and dinghies will present their products at boot 2017, making it the world’s most important presentation platform for all forms and classes of sailing. Halls 14 to 17 will turn into a giant sailing center.  “In these sailing halls no wish is left unfulfilled. We are very broad-based and are even posting further growth in the multi-hull and day-sailor segments. As a passionate yachtsman myself I am already looking forward to the active and exciting atmosphere and sailor spirit in the halls,” remarked Petros Michelidakis.

The Promotion of Sailing Sports

However, boot is not only a platform for boats and yachts but has also been committed to promoting young sailing talents for many years. A leader in this effort is the Düsseldorf yachtswoman Constanze Stolz, who is heading for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo with the new 470 boat class. She is supported and promoted in her efforts by boot Düsseldorf as one of her sponsors.

Supporting sailing sports in addition to showcasing boats in the halls is another pillar of boot who also sponsors the regattas in Kiel and Travemünde (Germany). Every year the boot Sailing School attracts hundreds of newcomers to the water in Hall 14 – last year 4,000 sailing beginners were welcomed here.

Cooperation between the Prince Albert II Foundation and Deutsche Meeresstiftung

Boot Düsseldorf will announce its cooperation with Monaco’s Prince Albert Foundation and the German Maritime Foundation at boot 2017. “For us as the organizer of boot it is a great honor to be able to present the two important organizations and their work for the protection of the ocean. Our aim is to introduce the theme of marine protection to key companies and decision makers,” said Petros Michelidakis.

670,000 People Dive every year

Diving is in, great fun and becoming ever more popular. This is confirmed by boot Düsseldorf, since Halls 3 and 4 where diving gear, suits and state-of-the-art equipment is exhibited, are in high demand. Presented here will be the international top vendors. In addition, leading organizations such as Padi, Protec, PSS worldwide, SSI and the German Sports Diving Association will offer information about diver’s training. In Germany alone, 670,000 people dive on a regular basis every year and this figure has been growing in Germany and in other European countries for years.

Diving Destinations fascinate with Dreamlike Underwater Worlds

The diving destinations presented at boot 2017 will whisk visitors away to “dreamlike” underwater worlds. The Philippines, Azores, Fuerteventura, Indonesia, Portugal and Honduras will tempt travelers with joint participations. Presenting its attractive diving regions for the first time will be Sardinia.

Diving Training

Visitors are invited to dive in the 19.6 x 15 feet large and 5.9 feet deep pool. Suit, compressed air bottle, diving regulator and fins are provided free of charge and diving instructors from the leading diving and training organizations will give tips and advice.

“Living at sea level” at the Beach Resort

“Living at sea level” is the motto of the Beach Resort at boot 2017. The new trade fair area will be home to hotels and club resorts located by the water – be this sea or inland waters – offering a wide range of water sports. In the water tourism Hall 13, suppliers will present the wide variety of water sports by, in and on the water.

Cruises as popular as ever

The Cruise Pavilion in Hall 14 will feature leading cruise companies and their programs. The number of cruise passengers has been rising for years in Europe, reaching a record 6.6 million passengers in 2015.

About 1,800 Exhibitors from 60 Countries in 17 Halls

About 1,800 exhibitors from 60 countries will participate in boot 2017 on 2.3 million square feet. All 17 exhibition halls will be occupied, providing a complete overview of the world market for water sports. Petros Michelidakis explained: “The exhibiting companies gear their exhibition budgets specifically to boot Düsseldorf in order to present themselves in their entire splendor. boot is the world’s largest boat and water sports show: over 1,800 boats will be on display here in Düsseldorf.” Over 50% of the exhibitors come from European countries (especially from the Netherlands, Italy, France and Great Britain) and overseas.

Boating and water sports are fun but also make a major contribution to the global economy. According to data provided by ICOMIA, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations, last year 100,000 companies manufactured boats and yachts worldwide. They employed staff of 1 million who built approximately 25 million boats and yachts annually. In

2015 the annual sales of the industry amounted to $ 40 billion, with Europe accounting for 50% of the turnover (where 280,000 people are employed in boat and yacht building).

Play Now! Join in! The new Advertising Campaign for boot

After the re-launch of boot in 2010 with the “Experience 360° Water Sports“ advertising campaign featuring successful athletes acting as ambassadors of their sports, the new boot 2017 campaign puts water sports fans are in the limelight.  “With “Play Now” we encourage all people interested in sports in and on the water to join in and visit boot to experience this unique atmosphere with us in Düsseldorf. In the middle of winter we are placing water sports and vacation center stage, allowing our visitors to dream of summer. “Play Now” stands for fun and entertainment, curiosity and trying out new things but also for information and discovering and developing a passion for water and these sports,” commented Petros Michelidakis.

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  1. Growth is important and it was the great step to increase the international market. New trends are coming as days are passing and we need some interesting facts to get higher and beat the competition and Banners stands in NYC always reliable for me to get displayed in trade fire to catch the eye of visitors.

  2. Growth is important and it was the great step to increase the international market. New trends are coming as days are passing and we need some interesting facts to get higher and beat the competition and Banners stand in NYC always reliable for me to get displayed in trade fire to catch the eye of visitors.

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