Active Relief Missions For Disaster Struck Islands


None of the below funds salaries, they need funds for fuel, supplies, the lifegiving immediate help that will allow recovery to start.

Dominica support..current boat lift information.
Our 350-ton ocean going tug “Flying Buzzard” arrived in Roseau, Dominica this morning crammed full of supplies. We have all the available local intelligence about Dominica including aid required, security and access and our Captain Mike there now is getting the latest. We are also working with Sea Shepherds’ ship that also just arrived there with aid, they are going to ship some of our supplies too. Our boat will be making at least 2 more round trips to Grenada and St. Lucia.
 Captain Ray Thackeray
Executive Director
International Rescue Group
Mobile +1 (954) 348-4409
Sea Shepherd is using its ship assets to also carry cargo into Dominica/Rosea and is coordinating loads with IRG.They will carry IRG’s relief supplies.

One sailboat from Trinidad is in process of taking supplies into Portsmouth. IRG is helping them make arrangements with PAYS (Portsmouth Authority Yacht Security) team to meet boat(s) and guide to customs dock with a waiting team to unload and distro items. From Jesse James/Trinidad SSCA Host
MacarioAdvantage (Magoe Johnson POC) will leave Grenada around first or second week of December. They have coordinated to meet with a MacarioAdvantage funded container ship from Miami with supplies for Dominica, likely for Portsmouth distro. Not sure where the container ship will offload, likely Roseau.
OPO/Hank Schmidt is doing same relief transport for St. Martin and Dominica from the northern approaches.He will also go to Portsmouth and is working closely with PAYS. His website has donation requests, and he is providing willing crew to those vessels wanting to transport items.

Antiqua, SeaMercy(Richard Hackett) has been asked by Antiqua to support relief efforts for Dominica from Antiqua. They have in place a disaster coordinator for Antiqua.

Sint Maartin. Tadzo has finally come up on line after the disaster. His organization office servers were damaged, he is, however reachable by email at nfsxmmanager <> if a local (and marine savy) contact is needed.  This is a licensed nonprofit and very reliable on the ground contact for Sint Maartin.