Large Editor
Large Editor
Bob Bitchin

The first day I went on a sailboat I thought I was going to die. I was amazed that the guy who was steering said boat didn’t even look concerned. As the wind caught the sail and we heeled over, I grabbed this big old chromed thingy (I later learned it was called a winch) and hung on for dear life. Now, 100,000 miles and 35 years later, I still get a excited when I head out to sea. Only now the excitement is the knowledge that, sometime between when I cast off and re-tie to the dock, something will happen that I will remember for the rest of my life. That is why I live to sail, and that is why I enjoy being a part of the family that brings this lifestyle to hundreds of thousands who have never tried it. Oh, yeah, and this is an old picture!

Editor at Large
Sue Morgan

Sue has lived aboard her Cheoy Lee Robb 35 yawl, Because, for 31 years along with husband Mike and two consecutive four-legged crew, Bosun and now Pogey, both Australian Shepherds. During that time they have cruised the Southern California waters while continually upgrading the boat. They have also crewed for friends sailing from So Cal to French Polynesia, doing the Baja Bash from Cabo to San Diego and sailing Alaska’s Inside Passage, along with skippering boats on a few Share the Sail adventures. They are currently finishing their final (?) refit of Because and will head south to Mexico for a few years before deciding their next destination.

Boat Show Queen
Jody “Bitchin” Lipkin

My birth father Lyle Jacobson was a Sailor. He build his own boat, a steel junk rigged ketch and sailed the Caribbean for 18 years. I met him for the first time in the Exumas, Bahamas in1986. I sailed with him for 2 weeks on S/V Contrast. After that wonderful adventure, I decided I needed to place myself closer to the sailing community as I never got seasick and loved being on a boat.
I was living in Redondo Beach CA and decided to get a job at The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club. It was there I met the infamous sailor/biker Bob Bitchin who ruined my life.  I kept seeing this big tattooed biker dude sail in and sail out of port, and of course he was always boasting of his many adventures. There were many maidens in and out of his life including two of my friends, but that’s another story for another time.
It was the summer of 1992, 22 years ago that he tickled my fancy by saying “Hey, why don’t you come to Tahiti with me and see what happens”. Well I gotta tell you, no one has every said that to me before. It’s not like I had this great career or any family keeping me from saying no. Besides, Bob grows on you, and his boat was a real beauty, and there was that winning personality.
So off we went. I’ll never forget leaving San Diego Harbor in a perfect gale at night. Bob says, “no reason to wait for the storm to subside, I feel like getting my juices flowing. Besides it’s not that bad out there.” I have to say it was a great way to start, because I got a lot of tears and fears over with in the very beginning. I found out I wasn’t going to die. He was right, If you leave in a storm there’s nothing but downhill the rest of the trip, and looking back it wasn’t that bad.
It was a trip of beauty,discovery and much learning for me, in many ways. Bob wrote a book called Letters from the Lost Soul which chronicles the voyage.
Upon returning from our voyage we were married on May 4th 1997 on the very boat we sail the world on.
Bob and I then started a sailing magazine called Latitudes & Attitudes and eventually I was able to stop working another job,that put food on the table, and come to work with the magazine. We worked and played for 17 years and then sold it and had a very unfortunate turn of events, and lost everything. Thank goodness for our strong readership, because within a 2 week period our readers helped us to raise enough money to start another magazine. Our readers weren’t about to let Bob and I leave the stage, so to speak.
Cruising Outpost Magazine was born December 2012 and has been keeping us busy and happy ever since. We do several boat shows a year across the country and throw 8 Cruisier’s parties. We get to sail to exotic ports several times a year. Though we no longer own our own boat we find the OPB’s work just fine.
I’ve logged 75,000 miles since 1992, crossing the Pacific Ocean four times, been though the Panama Canal twice, crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice, and have chartered all over the world many times. Sailing has become my life for more then 20 years.

Advertising Goddess
Lisa O’Brien

Lisa grew up sailing summers on Pueblo Reservoir, CO and later owned an 18-foot open sailboat that she and her kids sailed on Lake Superior out of Bayfield, WI. Her first experience sailing that was not on a lake was the St. Vincent Share the Sail (see Lats amp; Atts TV season 4). She learned two important things on that trip: sailing is fun no matter where you are in the world, and never overindulge on rum punch the night before your first open ocean passage…

Lisa now lives aboard with her husband Darren (our TV producer/Markiting Director) and their 2 year old daughter Arianna in the Puget Sound area of Washington.

Video Production
Darren O’Brien

Growing up, my family was not into boating (I don’t count water skiing as “boating”). So I wasn’t either, until I was 38 years old and I saw photos of a friend’s newly acquired Downeast 38. Actually, it was the classic teak interior shots that got my attention. I had no idea the inside of a sailboat could be so sexy! I was immediately hooked on the “romance” of sailing.

OK, so what I really wanted was to have some romance on a sailboat, which we all know is the best. And yes, I learned to enjoy the sailing part, too (and am still constantly enamored with nice wine glass transoms)…

Tabitha Lipkin
Social Media Princess
 Tabitha Lipkin

Tabitha “Bitchin” Lipkin.  Staff Granddaughter and social media princess.  Tabitha is an avid sailor and has sailed in Tahiti, The Grenadines, BVI’s, and all three coasts (Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf.)  She is a graduate of The University of Texas (go Longhorns) with a degree in Journalism.  In her “spare time” she works in San Diego as a news reporter on TV as well as occasional weather girl, and helps promote JetPack.  She handles the Social Media for Bob, as he knows less than nothing about such things.

Art Director Rich Marker
Art Director/Web Guy
Rich Marker

Rich resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and has lived and sailed there for over 18 years. He has had 6 sailboats, one of which he built, a Penobscot 14. The decision to build the Penobscot was the beginning of a love of wooden boats and a fear of finger-slicing chisels. Rich draws the cartoon Close Hauled and still dreams of far off islands that are void of people and wood working tools.

Staff Party Slaves
Jeff amp; Marie Inshaw
(AKA Ken and Barbie)

Marie and I have been boating just about all of our lives. We have owned a lot of different styles, lengths of ‘yachts’. It started at 8’ and grew all the way up 75’. Having grown up on the West Coast of California, in Newport Beach, sailing is the only thing that matters. We raced our Ericson 27 for years, then moved to a Perry 47, loved her. We cruised that lovely Lady all over the West Coast.

That story of the 75’ was all Jimmy’s fault. We moved to the Caribbean after reading an ad in the LA Times.. Add stated: Catamaran and business for sale. So we sold everything and bought a catamaran. The rest well……………..The day started with us going to the St Pete Boat Show, in 1999. That was our first boat show in years. We had read L amp; A and really wanted to meet Bob amp; Jody. The next 13 years have been an adventure that everyone would want to do. We have traveled and sailed in so many places in the World, always with ‘our’ family.

We’ve been asked “where to now“………. well the horizon is calling again. The next adventure is just around the corner and we can not wait. As part of the Cruising Outpost Family, we are ready for our next adventure!

Life Aboard Head Wench
Robin Stout

Robin Stout grew up in a sailing and boating family and lives on “Mermaid,” a 51’ sailboat, currently in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Robin is cruising with her husband and little dog PeeWee. They left Redondo Beach last November, sailed to Mexico where they spent the winter in the Sea of Cortez before working their way to PV to wait out hurricane season.She has also cruised Mexico and the South Pacific with her husband, kids and dog where she filmed a segment for Latitudes and Attitudes TV called “Austin’s Adventures”. After returning to the US Robin became an “Outfitter” for West Marine then the Production Manager for Latitudes amp; Attitudes Magazine. She also was the editor of Living Aboard Magazine. Robin refitted Mermaid for another cruise with her sights set on rounding Cape Horn. Robin is also a licensed captain, an avid racer and has competed in local, national and international competitions.