Why Join?

 1. Earn Commission: We value hard work and reward our affiliates generously. You’ll earn a commission for every qualifying Latitudes & Attitudes subscription purchased through your referral link.

2. Trusted Partner: Why Knot Network is a leading platform in the marine industry, offering a trusted marketplace for marine businesses and enthusiasts.

3. Tools For Success: Access a wide range of promotional tools to optimize your affiliate marketing efforts. From text links to banners and widgets, we provide everything you need to succeed.

4. It’s FREE: There is no charge to join our affiliate program!

 Getting Started

  1. Register
    Follow this link to sign up for the Why Knot Marine Affiliate Network.

  1. Join our campaign
    Once admitted into the network you will be invited to join our private campaign

  1. Start promoting
    Use the platforms of your choice to promote our product


 What are the commissions?

We pay our affiliates $5.00 for every subscription purchased through the Why Knot Affiliate Network.

Who can participate – What are your criteria?  

Any website/social media account can apply for the program: large or small, commercial or nonprofit associations. Latitudes & Attitudes does reserve the right to refuse any applicant, particularly if the site contains objectionable material, including pornography, explicit language or content, violence, or discrimination.

My website is outside the U.S. Can I join?  

Yes, we welcome affiliates from around the world!

 Does it cost anything?  

No, it is absolutely FREE. There is no application fee and no minimum sales requirement. You can start earning right away.

 How much will I be paid?  

Our standard commission rate is $5.00 per subscription.

 When and how do I get paid?  

You will be paid monthly from the Why Knot Marine Affiliate Network.

 Do you have online reporting on how much money I’m earning and how my links are performing?  

Yes. Once you have been accepted into the Why Knot Marine Affiliate network, you will be given access to your Affiliate Partner Tracking and Reporting Interface. You will be able to view your earnings and traffic reports at any time.

 Can I place links within my own opt-in newsletters or email?  

Yes. This is an excellent way to promote your affiliate links.